The APEGM Foundation Inc. welcomes gifts, bequests, and legacies from individuals and corporations. Donations are income tax deductible and receipts are issued.

APEGM Foundation Inc. Donation Form (PDF)

Past Presidents Book Project – Donation Form (PDF)

Planned Giving

A planned gift is any gift of significant size made with forethought about the benefit to the charity and the financial implications to the donor and the donor’s family.Planned gifts include:

  • Money
  • Gifts in kind that the charity can use immediately, such as securities and real estate
  • Deferred gifts such as bequests, life insurance policies, or charitable remainder trusts that can be used by the charity in the future

All planned gifts have tax benefits. As such, structure your gift in the way that best suits your requirements, from endowment funds to general use funds.

A bequest, a gift made in your will, is the most common planned gift. After providing for your family, you may choose to make a specific bequest by directing a certain dollar amount or a specific asset to a charity of your choice. You may choose to make a residual bequest by directing that the remaining assets of your estate, or a percentage of them, be left to the charity of your choice. In either case, bequests are a vital source of income, enabling many charities to achieve their goals. Over 90% of all planned gifts made are through bequests.